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Cash Over The Million-Dollar Quartet

Hier onder vindt u het verhaal achter de zogenaamde The Million-Dollar Quartet zoals het volgens Johnny Cash destijds allemaal is gegaan…

There's certainly a sense that Carl Perkins stands in the shadow of Elvis, Jerry Lee, and me. You can see when people talk or write about the so-called Million-Dollar Quartet session, the only time to my knowledge that all four of us sang together.

Somehow Carl's name always seems to come last in the list of participants, but in fact it was his session that day.

Nobody else was booked into the studio. I was there- I was the first to arrive and the last to leave, contrary to what has been written- but I was just there to watch Carl record, which he did until mid-afternoon, when Elvis came in with his girlfriend.

At that point the session stopped and we all started laughing and cutting up together. Then Elvis sat down at the piano, and we started singing gospel songs we all knew, then some Bill Monroe songs.

Elvis wanted to hear songs Bill had written besides "Blue Moon of Kentucky," and I knew the whole repertoire. So, again contrary to what some people have written, my voice is on the tape. It's not obvious, because I was farthest away from the mike and I was singing a lot higher than I usually did in order to stay in key with Elvis, but I guarantee you, I'm there.

I forget exactly when Jerry Lee came in, but I remember clearly when Elvis invited him to take over at the piano and he launched into "Vacation in Heaven." That was the first time I ever heard Jerry Lee, and I was bowled over. He was so great that the next thing I remember, Elvis and his girlfriend were gone.

The thing I remember after that, apart from going next door for coffee and cheeseburgers, is seeing the now famous "million-Dollar Quartet" photo in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and wondering what happened to Elvis's girlfriend. She'd been sitting on the piano when the photo was taken.

If you're wondering why Elvis left right after Jerry Lee got started, the answer is simple: nobody, not even Elvis, ever wanted to follow Jerry Lee. And no, I don't remember Jerry Lee ever saying anything disparaging about Elvis. He didn't have an attitude about Elvis especially; he just had an attitude.

Bron: De hier bovenstaande tekst is op ons verzoek geselecteerd door Robin Stevens uit CASH: The Autobiography,1997 by John R. Cash.(Fragmenten) - Elvis Today Tomorrow And Forever


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